Casper Media Group is currently in stealth mode — and it always will be.

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You won't see our name, but you often see our work.

We create content for well-known leaders in business, technology, motivational speaking, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and politics. Books that we've co-written or ghostwritten top the best seller lists of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and Publishers Weekly and have been translated into a dozen languages. Articles and blogs have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and many, many more. Commencement speeches we've authored have been heard by tens of thousands. We also ghost a lot of tweets.

We work with the innovators, influencers, and game changers who create and shape business and technology trends.

We turn ideas into books, blogs, articles, speeches and posts. We have close relationships with agents, editors, publishers, and publicists. We identify personas and develop narratives. We help build platforms. We are experienced and energetic, dedicated and determined. We are professional and keep our collaboration confidential.

The Casper Media Group was founded by journalist Carlye Adler. To learn more about projects not done in invisible ink, please visit